Dressing for the Cold

Nov 20

Dressing for the Cold

Here in Calgary, Alberta, the days are getting quite cold – and the mornings quite dark. At the peak of the cold season we’re looking at temperatures of about -25˚C (-13˚F) plus wind chill. Keeping up with walking during the winter season takes some pretty tough discipline and great clothing. I thought I’d share some of my best finds with you.

sportBra_ For the ladies: Don’t go for a walk without a GREAT sports bra. the Powerback Wirefree Bra is my personal favourite because it doesn’t pinch, twist, ride, squeeze, chafe, flop, or otherwise cause extreme discomfort.
BaseTop Next comes a good base layer set which I’ll wear if it’s -10˚C (14˚F) or colder. Make sure it’s got a “Moisture Management System” or you’ll be wet and soggy when you get home, and likely colder than you want to be. I wear the PolarMax brand – mostly because it was crazy cheap when we were in Montana!
Turtleneck Next comes a turtleneck to keep arms and neck warm
injinjisocks Then I add my funky injinji toe socks (which I have just discovered in colourful stripes!!!)
ThermalPant Then come thermal pants to keep the wind out and the warmth in. I managed to get mine cheap at Costco, and they work great!
VibramFlow Then, of course, it’s my Vibram FiveFinger shoes, which I passionately love, and prefer to never walk in anything else. These winter ones are still on my wish list. Everyone (including Vibram!) is sold out. Sigh.
Fleece Top If it’s above -10 I just wear a fleece top. If it’s colder than that I move to my ski-jacket.
180s Then come the 180’s to keep my ears warm and my iPod ear buds in place. I wear a wool hat over these if it’s really cold.
woolgloves And I top it off with cheap wool gloves, unless it’s below -10,in which case I wear good ski gloves.

On dark days I have a blinking reflector that goes on the back of my hat/180’s and a headlamp that goes in front.

On painfully cold days I’ll add a scarf, buy if it’s cold enough for a scarf I also need to wear ski goggles because otherwise my breath condenses on my glasses and freezes, and I’m blind. the good news is, the more stuff I put on, and the more ridiculous I look, the less recognizable I am! LOL!

I also put good cream (I like Avon’s “Moisture Therapy”) on my face and lips to prevent chapping.

If you want more information on waking in/dressing for the cold, check out this video:

Prepare for Winter Walking

And there you have it.  I need to get up earlier in the winter just to get dressed!  Hopefully I remember to go pee before I start…

Happy Walking!


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