Canvassing – a GREAT excuse for a walk.

Nov 16

Canvassing – a GREAT excuse for a walk.

HandSlogoA couple of years ago I got a call from the Heart and Stroke foundation.  A lovely man was on the other end, and asked quite apologetically if I would be able to canvass for them that year (in February).  The routes were very small, he assured me, and I’d have two whole weeks to get it done, and my own street was available if I’d like to do it.

He must have caught me at a weak moment, because I said yes.

“What?!” he exclaimed, in shock “You’ll WILL?!”   He must have been having a bad day, because you would have thought I’d just handed an eight-year-old boy his first puppy.

We laughed about that, and he told me the person in charge of my area would be in touch.

A few weeks later I got a phone call, set a date to get my packet and some brief training, and I was “in”.

The scheduled canvassing weeks arrived.  I spent one evening going door to door completing the route for the first time.  It took a little over an hour, and everyone was very pleasant, and most were willing to donate even a small amount.  I took note of the addresses where no one was home, and the following Saturday I visited those homes again.  This took another 45 minutes or so.

I came home, added up my totals, and walked over to the route supervisor’s home and turned in my packet.

All done.

This year, not only did they call me again, but now the Canadian Diabetes Association has asked me as well (there must be a shared database of willing volunteers) and I canvassed for them this past Saturday.

It really is a simple way to force yourself into a walk, and it’s a worthy way to help those less fortunate.  A route is usually fewer than 50 houses and you can often get one in your very own neighborhood.  It’s not complicated, and it’s GREATLY appreciated.

Why not give it a try?

I just added 2,000 steps to an otherwise lazy day!


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