The Power of Rest.

Nov 09

The Power of Rest.

My husband and I just got back from a week long stay at “The Montana Cabin” where we had a full week of rest, quiet, beautiful scenery, and no schedule or goals to accomplish, other than rest and reconnection.

MontanaCabinViewThe mornings were slow – we got up when we were awake, not when some alarm beeped, and had coffee together overlooking the lake. The views fed my soul with rest, relaxation, and deep peace.

The days were spent poking around Eureka (where I tried the famous “Bubba Burger” at the “Cutting Board” restaurant – they also make fabulous homemade soups!) or Kalispell (where my husband was able to finally find the backpack and sleeping bag he needed for his trip to Nepal over Christmas at “The Rocky Mountain Outfitter” – a super little mountaineering store with incredibly friendly, informed and helpful staff) , and we checked out some beautiful views and scenery in Libby and at the Hungry Horse Dam.

Sometimes we spent the day in the cabin reading, or just having slow, relaxed conversation.

Evenings were usually spent in the private hot tub at our cabin. MontanaCabinHotTub

When we went to Montana Tom was pretty stressed about a bunch of stuff at work, and I was struggling to get over the aftermath of the H1N1 flu virus that left me tired beyond belief. After a week away with no schedule, expectations, or check lists of things to do, we’ve come back renewed, revitalized and refreshed.

So let me ask you, when was the last time you took time to just relax and enjoy life with no expectation other than to enjoy yourself?

If you can’t remember when that was, it’s probably time to do something about it.


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