Nov 04


FunkyFeetAs you all probably know, I LOOOOOOVE my Vibram FiveFinger shoes. Unfortunately, here in Calgary, winter is already upon us (except when the Chinook comes for a visit) and we’ve already had snow a couple of times. My Classic Vibrams are NO good in the snow – too cold, too wet, no protection. I’m desperately wanting a pair of FiveFinger Flow shoes for our Winter, but Vibram is all sold out. Sigh.

In desperation I decided to try something really different going in completely the opposite direction from normal and trying the Skechers Women’s Shape Ups – Strength Fitness Walking Sneaker I was hoping to try something Skechers Shape Upsthat would keep my feet out of the snow (which has melted since I bought these, of course, but I tried them anyway).

Wierd feeling. After the “barefoot” feeling of the Vibrams, these new shoes feel somewhat constricted (though they are comfortable, as far as shoes go) and they “rock” when you walk – it’s like walking on rocking chair runners! The soles are very high – about 2″ at the highest place – and that makes me a little nervous about turning my ankle while doing any power walking.

I haven’t tried them on a “real walk” yet, but walking around town I can see that they actually work different muscles than regular walking, which feels a little odd, but I’m thinking that alternating the two kinds of shoes might be good.

So far, the VERY few days I’ve walked since getting them have had weather that’s suitable to my Vibrams, so I haven’t tried these on a long walk yet, but they’re fun to wear around town – and I’m not so short! 🙂

Happy Walking!

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