A Walking Spa

Nov 02

A Walking Spa

CBR003035My husband and I are vacationing in Montana as this is (automatically) posted (gotta love technology!) We’re going for some much needed R&R.

I thought you might be interested in some, too!

We’ve often talked on this blog about making your walking time a time of meditation but how about a new twist? What about walking as a spa treatment?

I tried this out the other day – works pretty well, and it works best in winter! Here’s what you do:

1. Slather a hair mask on your hair, and stuff your hair under a kerchief or a cloth swim cap, and just pull your toque down over top (toque=”wool hat” for you Non-Canadians!)

2. Slather a top quality moisturizing cream (like Avon’s “Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Lotion”) over your feet under your socks.

3. Put a nail conditioner on your fingernails, massage a good cuticle cream onto your cuticles, and slather a good moisturizing cream on your hands (see the last point) and pull your gloves on over top. If you have good quality gloves you don’t want to get greasy, just pull those cheap 99 cent wool gloves on first, and put the good ones on, on top.

4. If it’s really cold put that same Avon Moisture Therapy on your face just before going out – it will protect your face/lips from chapping.

5. Put a couple of drops of essential oils on your gloves (inhale deeply with your hands around your nose) or on your scarf for energy as you walk.

6. Put soothing music on your iPod as you walk instead of some heavy bass/drum driving music. It will be a completely different experience!

When you arrive home you’ll be soft and beautiful. Pretty cool.

Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Happy Walking!


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