Your Ideal Body Weight

Oct 30

Your Ideal Body Weight

ScaleDo you know what you really should weigh?

Your ideal weight is not some magic number pulled from the air, or some hopeful number that works best for your beautiful best friend.

Your ideal body weight is your lean body mass plus your “ideal body fat” percentage based on your age. You need a certain amount of body fat to be healthy, and women need a little more than men.

So, here’s how you do the calculations:

  1. Discover your “Lean Body Mass” here: How to Calculate Lean Body Mass
  2. Add the ideal body fat percentage (take the average number from the range shown according to your age)

And there you have it!

It’s a little complicated to figure out the first time around, but with the help of a calculator and a brainy teenager you should be able to figure it out. By aiming for that number you’re keeping your goals realistic, and you won’t risk damaging your health.

Have fun!


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