Is it right, is it wrong – what do you think?

Oct 26

Is it right, is it wrong – what do you think?

j0433165 (For those of you who recognize this post, know that it posted itself  TWICE before it was finished last week.  Silly post.  It’s now under control and properly finished.  Take another read if you think  you’ve already seen it!)

So, I’ve been AWOL from my walking since last week. I have lots of excuses, but I’m thinking mostly it’s a motivational problem. I hate the cold. Probably not so legitimate. I’ve also got hit “quick and heavy” with the flu, and found that while the most uncomfortable symptoms passed within 36 hours, I was tired, foggy-headed, and just dragging myself around for a good week afterwards. I decided to take the week off and just go slow.

So what do you think? Was that right? Was that wrong? Was I just lazy? I find I’m a genius at rationalizing my behaviour. Years of practice have made me an expert. It’s hard to be objective.

The good news was that I was out and walking this morning. Last week when I was unmotivated I did put together some great playlists (working through the Bible and a bunch of podcasts I want to catch up with) and they’re all in sequential order, so if I miss a day, I mess up the whole system.  Good way to stay on track!

And I’m back walking my longer distances this morning.  I’ve gotten myself better organized so I can manage longer walks.  Monday and Tuesday is 1.5 hours, Wednesday is off, Thursday and Friday is 2 hours, Saturday is 1 hour and Sunday is 3 hours. It feels great to be back in the game!  Woohoo!

If you’ve been slacking, I hope my new found motivation gets you going as well!

Happy walking!


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