Live Longer and BETTER!

Jul 24

Live Longer and BETTER!

I’m not that fussed about extending my life only to spend more years in a total care facility unable to control any of my bodily functions. Living longer for the sake of living longer holds no attraction for me.

HOWEVER! Living longer so I can take even more advantage of what this marvelous world has to offer, and to better live out the life God has called me to live – that’s a totally different thing. I’d love to be 120 years old (the age God determined for mankind) with all my wits about me, still active, living with a great sense of humour, and a childlike delight in every new day. THAT kind of longevity appeals to me.

Living life the way we live it in general is a fast track to the first option. Chemicals in our food and water, surrounding ourselves with toxins, eating junk, sitting all day at a desk or computer (ahem) and spending greater and greater amounts of time isolated instead of interacting in community is going to lead us to cancer, weakness, mental illness, and depression.

So today let me show you a great clip I saw on Yahoo this morning about the book “Blue Zones”. Click here to watch (and don’t forget to take note of how walking plays a large role in that healthy lifestyle!)

Wanna read the book? Get it here:


Here’s to a LOOOONG and healthy life!


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