The cost of being healthy, and other financial musings…

Jul 22

Tom and I have been working hard on our finances lately.  We’ll we’ve been pretty intentional for about 5 years, but recently we’ve stepped it up as I’ve been learning about Biblical Finance – what God says about money and how that works today in our culture.

It’s been quite an adventure!

As I’ve moved forward with my fitness/walking/nutrition explorations, I’ve realized it’s MUCH more expensive to be healthy than sick.  The gov’t pays for health care (“sick care”) but not preventative care.  Good, organic food is out of the reach of most people I know except as an occasional treat.  Nutritional supplements are affordable only if you replace regular food with them.  Walking – the cheapest form of fitness – is still expensive if you want to do it well – shoes, clothes that cope with Calgary winters, something to listen to music with so you don’t get bored out of your mind on long walks, something to track  your steps/mileage with as an added incentive on days when you just don’t feel like walking…

Over the past few months Tom and I have also discussed all kinds of lifestyle changes we want to make – careers we want to try, places we want to go,  things we want to experience, and ministries we’d like to support with our time and talents as well as our finances.

Money seems to go only so far, and in our household – probably like yours – it barely meets the day-to-day.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much you have, it’s never enough.

My new friends in the house church I’m a part of believe that we, as Christians, should see life much differently when it comes to a lot of things, and finances in particular.  If you don’t have enough money, even regular day-to-day evangelism gets tough – you can’t afford a Bible for a friend, or a cup of coffee over which you can share the gospel.

Now, please understand, I am NOT of the “name it and claim it” kind  of faith.  God is not Santa Claus.  He’s not a vending machine.  However I believe God does not intend for us to struggle financially to the point that all of our thoughts are on our pocket book instead of on Him.  He does not want us hindered from living out the call He has on our lives because we cannot afford it.  That doesn’t even make sense, when you look at it carefully.

As I’m working through this issue, I am realizing I need to re-sort my priorities, and look for creative ways to increase my bottom line, and lower my monthly expenses so I’m not bound by debt, possessions, or financial worries.  I also need to learn about how God provides, and what He provides as promised in His word.  I am inspired by people like George Mueller, who was able to feed hundreds of orphans on faith alone (his biography is WELL worth a read).  He was never rich, but he always had everything he needed to fulfill the call of God on his life, without worrying about it.  I want to live like that.

I learn by teaching, and I also love to write, so I thought I’d blog about this journey on a new blog I set up called “Secrets of True Prosperity“.  This is not “Law of Attraction” stuff, though the title might imply that.  It’s not “woowoo” stuff, and it’s not about taking verses out of context to create a new doctrine.  I want it to be about my regular journey as I apply what I’ve learned in my faith walk regarding finances.  Maybe the title will also attract some unbelievers who could use the blog to explore faith ideas as well.

If your finances are tight, why not take the journey with me, and act as a “devil’s Advocate”, keeping me on track?  I’d love for this to inspire new discussions and deeper community.

Let’s journey together!


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