Starting the New Challenge

Jul 13

Starting the New Challenge

Well, I had a good week off to rest from the race and plan my next move. First of all, let me update you on my weightloss results from “The Lord’s Table

It has been a challenging course, but it’s working out many of the core issues for why I can’t seem to get rid of these last 30 pounds or so. My mentor is just about the most encouraging person on the planet, so it’s a joy to work through this with her. And it’s free. If you’re looking to lose weight, start here!

I also spent the weekend getting my training all set up for the next leg of my walking journey – a 10 k in October. I’m using a heart rate monitor for this set of training to make sure I stay in the place of fastest possible advancement. I’m using Dr. Phil Maffetone’s training techniques based on his 180-age formula instead of the standard 220-age, which feels way too slow to just about anyone who want’s to get fit fast. However, he specializes in Endurance Training, and has trained people to break records on 1,000 mile races (completed in about 16 days!) and he’s also trained world champion Triathletes, usually without injury. He teaches you to teach your body to fuel itself using fat instead of sugar, and so your body can go much farther much faster with much less stress and also lowers the level of production of free radicals. His training lowers the stress on your body while improving your results much more quickly. You just have to have the necessary patience to get through the slow times!

I plotted out my complete training schedule between now and the Marathon in October 2010 in a general fashion, and am working on plotting the details one month in advance. It’s rather complicated to work everything in properly and to set up my iPod music to guide me through while keeping a close eye on my heart rate monitor. Ach, it will keep me out of trouble! LOL!

Anyway, if you want to join me, let me know, and I’ll send my training schedule to you as it gets done. If you have an iPod, I’ll also send you my playlists.

Happy walking!


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