Going "Walkabout" for Canada Day!

Jul 01

Going "Walkabout" for Canada Day!


Canada Day Comments

Canada Day is here, and I’m celebrating by going “Walkabout”.  Here are the details:

Jenolan CavesJenolan Caves to Hill End
Your Blue Mountains journey begins in Jenolan Caves. Jenolan Caves is home to the oldest discovered open caves in the world, approximately discovered in 1835-49, featuring numerous Silurian marine fossils and calcite formations. From Jenolan Caves walk to Gulgong a gold rush town which was founded in the 1870s and then on to Mudgee in the Cudgegong River valley, which is now a wine producing region. From Mudgee continue on to Hill End which was established in the 1850s as a gold rush town. Hill End is also classified as a historical site by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The GREAT NEWS is that you can join me, because I’m only walking “virtually” using this very cool website:

10,000 Steps

You just create an account (choose to join the step log on the bottom left), then go to the “I-challenge” link, and sign up at whatever level you’re comfortable at.  With the training I’m currently doing, I’m going for the second level.  I should be able to accomplish that.  Then get yourself a pedometer and get walking.  Every day log your steps and the rest is done for you.

Pretty cool, eh?

So sign up, find me as a friend on there, and we can walk together.

Happy Walking, Happy Canada Day!


PS: I’m still looking for sponsors for my walk on the 5th of June – can you help? Just click the badge below and you’ll go right to my page

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  1. Hi Darlene, I enjoy your blog. Especially today’s. I was searching everywhere for an email address – because I’d love to talk to you but I can’t find one anywhere. Please email me 🙂 Have a blessed day!


  2. Hi Darlene
    Congrats on all your training, you are doing awesome. It’s great to see you on Daily Mile. xxx


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