Feasting on the Word

Jun 29

Feasting on the Word

I’m still looking for sponsors for my walk on the 5th of June – can you help? Just click the badge and you’ll go right to my page.

Countdown To Race Day (5 km)

Thanks so much!  Both I and the kids benefitting from your donations greatly appreciate your generosity!

So I’ve completed my first week of “The Lord’s Table” and here are my results (note, I didn’t lose 7.5 pounds in a week. I didn’t weigh myself before I started, so I simply picked up where I left off in the last round of weight loss. I would guess I’ve lost about 3 lbs. in total this past week):

This is an amazing course for any of you who are struggling with the weight loss yo-yo and with getting rid of those stubborn pounds that wont’ budge. Not only does it deal with food, but it also deals with your mentality, your heart, your focus, and your sin (yeah, sorry, overeating needs to be called what it is: the sin of gluttony. Doesn’t sound so nice when it’s put like that, does it?)

The course encourages “feasting”, but the feasting it encourages is feasting on the word of God. Here’s an excerpt from the course materials last week:

Crave the sweet food of the Word of God. That is the beginning of holiness–to crave God’s Word. Is it worth craving? I shout an emphatic, “Yes!” Crave it, for it will satisfy. Food hasn’t satisfied you for but a nanosecond; God’s Word will satisfy you from this moment on, even throughout eternity.

Read the Word, until you long for it. Read the Word until missing your time in it in the morning is unthinkable. Read the Word until you pant for it. Read the Word, after you have tasted that it is good.

Read the Word, until you have read every book of the Bible and have favorites. Read the Word, and cling to the promises of sanctification. Read the Word that you may grow up in your salvation.

The Word is the key to holiness, to growing up in your faith. If you love the Word and God’s commands, you will become more and more like Jesus Christ. Read the Word that you may become holy.

Teen Talk, by Sarah Visser from “The Lord’s Table

I would encourage any of you who are frustrated with your weight to take the course. It’s free, and is just so incredibly encouraging.


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