Losing the Weight

Jun 22

Losing the Weight

I’ve been overweight the whole of my adult life. Never hugely obese, but always struggling with that extra 30-40 pounds that need to come off! Even at the height of marathon training, walking 70+ kilometers a week didn’t change that fact.

I’ve done the yo-yo thing, the “change your lifestyle” thing, and even created something that worked quite well for the PraiseWalker system, but each time, I fall off the bandwagon and gain all the weight back.

I was chatting with a friend this week, and she told me about a program that we are now trying together. It seems pretty cool as it uses weight-loss as a form of meditation – kinda like the “PraiseWalker” idea for dieting. Cooool.

The Lord's TableHere’s the amazing part: It’s free. It’s online. You don’t change WHAT you eat at first, just how, when, and why, so no complicated food things to start with. You understand what it is that makes you overeat, or where your weight problems come from, AND God plays the biggest role in the whole thing.

In addition to that, you get a personal mentor (still for free) to walk you through, and this is someone who has successfully gone through the program and is volunteering their time to help you see the same success.


So, if you want to join me, go to: “The Lord’s Table“, a free membership, print out the eating plan (use #1 for best results) and put my e-mail in to be one of your accountability partners, and let’s get this area dealt with once and for all!


PS – still looking for sponsors for my walk on the 5th of June – can you help? Just click the badge below and you’ll go right to my page

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