Wanna Walk? How about 3,200 km?

Jun 15

Here’s another “Amazing Walker” story – truly inspirational (I say just after I chickened out for my walk because it’s raining . . .)

First, a confession: I stole this word for word from the “WoW Power Walking” blog, dated Wednesday, June 10.

Johnny Rowe Marathon Walker

Been walking much lately? How about 3,200 kilometres? Today’s Globe and Mail obituary described the life of famed Canadian walker Johnny Rowe who averaged this distance every year for 27 years and who died on May 28. According to the Globe and Mail, Rowe described marathon walking as “a chance to accomplish something without mechnical aid”. I suspect he would have scoffed at those of us chained to our GPS devices.

Also, according to the obituary, Rowe considered marathon walking “a time to do a lot of deep thinking.” Now, I might not go so far as to describe my thought as deep, but I can say that on my personal walks, I frequently find myself enjoying a meditative state during which stream of consciousness ideas clarify issues that have been weighing on me or, better yet, I imagine ideas for fun things to do (side plank dips with band resistance anyone?). At the very least, there is a positive “filing and prioritizing” process that happens in my brain that makes me happier.

In any case, the description of Rowe is inspiring and many of you reading this will find common ground with a pioneer marathon walker.

Read more about him here

Now, put on your shoes and go for a walk (well, once it finishes raining, if you’re a wimp like me!)


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