Walking as Soul Work

Jun 13

I have an issue in my life that is causing a great deal of pain and turmoil.  I am working through different methods of healing with it, but it can often get overwhelming when it’s triggered.

Today was one of those trigger days, and I found myself wrestling with this to the point of complete frustration.  By 5:00pm I was at a loss as to how to get peace and move on.  I decided to go for my walk, which still needed to get done.

I set my Nike+iPod to a 1 hour walkand set it to play a shuffled playlist of soaking music , put on my Funky Feet, attached the dog to his leash, grabbed a poop bag, and headed out the door.

Sometimes I found myself mulling over the situation.  Other times during the walk I found myself just praying in tongues or allowing my heart to just express longing to Jesus, and sometimes I sang along – probably off key.

All around me, storm clouds were brewing, but I was in this warm place that had a lovely breeze, and I just allowed the whole experience to wash over me.

As I came to the last 1/4 mile before reaching my home at the end of the walk, I saw a whole bouquet of balloons that had been released into the air (we’d had a community celebration here at the opening of the new Transit Station behind our house) and I felt like I had been set free.  It was a symbol of the freedom that I now feel in my heart.

What a cool God we serve, Who would accompany me on such a hard, soul-wrestling walk, pour His love over me in the midst of my angst, and then end it with such a wonderful picture of healing and release.

I am blessed

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