Renovations of the Soul

Jun 08

We are renovating.

We attempted an en suite bathroom renovation three years ago.  It’s still ongoing.  I doubt it will ever be done.

So now, we’re doing the main floor, but we learned our lesson, and this time we’re hiring it out.  New floors, new paint.

I don’t like renovating.  I don’t even like houses – too much work for shelter.  I’m not houseproud, I don’t like decorating, and I don’t really care about style and fashion.  However, the kitchen floor is coming off, their are nail-pops in the living room, and the wall-paper is peeling.  It’s time!

While the kids and I sat there scraping off the wallpaper in prep for painting next week, I thought about how house renovations are much like soul renovations.

You have something that’s been just fine up until now, and then realize that it could be so much better, but in order to get to the better, you have to take everything apart.  It’s messy.  It’s costly.  It creates tension, anxiety, and more questions than you thought you’d ever need to ask.  You need to get advice, learn new ways of doing things, and spend a while in serious discomfort.

Then it’s all over, and if you’ve done the work well, you sense a new spring in your step, and new energy, a new excitement.

This is the kind of journey I’m on in life.  I find myself “comfortable” with things, and then realize the comfort is not healthy, so I let God renovate my soul.  God tears apart those things I’ve used as crutches so that I lean on Him instead of on false supports.  He forces me to see things in a different way so that I’m never again satisfied with the way things were.  it’s painful, it’s frustrating, it creates serious anxiety, but when it’s all over, I have a new way of living, or looking at life, or loving people, or a new adventure I get to go on, and life suddenly has a new vigour, a new energy.

You never know how much your lifestyle weighs until you remove the garbage.  I am liking this freeer lifestyle.

Who knows, I may even become a designer!


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