Fresh Water

May 29

“A change is as good as a break”

Sometimes we need to make a big change in order to get a fresh start.  Such has been the case for me!

Last week I finally came off a 40 day computer fast. That was a challenge, I assure you.  It’s hard to imagine how much of a fixed place the computer has taken in my life.  It’s a good thing to let go of from time to time, though!  Amazing how much free time I had each day!  I got lots of deep cleaning done both in the house and in my soul.  New revelation, amazing experiences, and a fresh start.  I feel like a new woman.

So what’s come out of this (besides a clean house)?

  1. I was able to practice the art of consistency and discipline in those detail type things that have been a consistent burden – only to find that consistency and discipline make them much easier!  We did more school, cleaning, hanging out, and connecting than ever!
  2. I had time to explore some great teaching on Biblical health and prosperity – stuff I’ve never heard even though I’ve been in the church for almost 50 years.  I’ve met some very committed Christians who are living the most amazing lives.  No boring dogmatic faith here!  They are also folks who know their bibles better than anyone I’ve ever met, and they’re taking it at face value (what a concept) and living lives that amaze and excite me!  They have been taking me by the hand and walking me through the process – and I’m seeing HUGE changes in my life, my circumstances, and my relationship with God.  Very exciting!
  3. I read dozens of books on health, nutrition, prosperity, finances, spiritual growth, and the like.  I’ve also listened to hours and hours of recorded teaching in these areas.
  4. I explored  – and took up the challenge – of going back to school.  Online.  I have a VERY messy university education – 5 years, 4 universities, no degree.  I found an accredited online university that will create order from my chaos and move me into those things that God is opening up for me in the area of healing/health/finances.   They are letting my kids sign up as well, and so we’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree in ministry,  altogether – how cool is that!
  5. I’m also training as a Biblical Health Coach and doing a Leadership Certificate in Ministry which will enable me to jump start some areas while I’m working on my degree.  It will give me some practical hands-on training so I can begin practicing some of what I’m learning, while I earn my degree.
  6. I am also learning some deep and practical truths on finances that are going to help me both deal with my own finances in a more God-honouring way, but help others to do the same.  Some VERY cool and practical teaching here
  7. I have received some very cool revelation about how to proceed with PraiseWalker and other areas of my life, probably by creating an umbrella organization under which these other areas of ministry will fall.  PraiseWalker will be one of those areas, though as I’ve been researching fitness and nutrition these past few weeks, I can see a number of areas where I will be re-vamping that program.
  8. I have potentially found a new business partner (she’s checking things out right now and will get back to me) which means I have someone to bounce ideas off, gain instruction from, and create some mutual encouragement and growth.  This is the coolest bit of all!

So, there you have it!  Keep watching this blog for the results of all this amazing learning.  I have something very cool in the works right now, and hope to have something to show for it in about a month’s time.  In the meantime, I’ll be “unpacking” some of what I’m learning and have learned here on the blog.  I hope you’ll join in the conversation!


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