Fit For Faith

Apr 03

Fit For Faith

Last week I told you about Praise Moves – a great Christian Alternative to Yoga.

Today I want to tell you about another great fitness program that also incorporates faith (isn’t it wonderful how many people have figured out how to work faith into fitness? Very cool!)

This program is called “Fit for Faith” by Kimberley J. Payne. I’ve had the pleasure of a couple of conversations with Kimberley, and I really like her humble, down to earth style. Great lady.

Kimberley hKimberley J. Payneas published a workbook called “Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual and physical health”. It’s kind of like a gentle boot camp that teaches you how to:

  1. become more physically active
  2. improve your prayer life
  3. make healthy eating a habit
  4. read and study the Bible
  5. stretch your body
  6. write a journal entry
  7. dispel common myths

Not bad for 7 weeks! The workbook is well laid out, and you can get a copy for just $25.95 at her site. She has some other goodies there, too, so take a minute to check out her site and see if it doesn’t inspire you to great things!


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