Praise Moves

Mar 27

Praise Moves

As you know, I’m HUGE on walking. I love to walk. It’s the only exercise I can actually get myself to do consistently, and I absolutely LOVE the way I feel when I’m walking, and after I’m done. I am invigorated, stimulated, energized, and focused. Woohoo!

What I like best is that you can use walking as a spiritual meditation – it’s not always easy to do that with other kinds of exercise.

However, for some reasonLaurette Willis, not all of us like walking. I can hardly believe it, but there was a time when even I didn’t like to walk.

So, what can you do then?

Well, let me introduce you to another fitness person who loves the Yoga type exercises (along with a few others) and who can also show you how to do those exercises as a form of meditation.

Meet Laurette Willis

She has an interesting story, and some even more interesting products. I’ve done a couple of her DVD’s and find them inspiring, uplifting, and a great workout.

Laurette bases her fitness system on the idea of having a Christian Alternative to Yoga. Let me challenge you to read her article, and check out her DVD’s and books. She has some great ideas, and some very interesting things to share.

Her website is: – go take a look!


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