Busted Resolutions – and a FREE solution!

Mar 06

Busted Resolutions – and a FREE solution!

New Year's ResolutionsWell, how are the resolutions coming?  Have you broken them all already?

Did you try to do the “drop 40 pounds in a month” diet, along with the latest “Best Abs/Butt/Thighs in only 3 minutes a week” fitness plan, on top of the decision to improve your housekeeping, love your kids more, spend less money, pay off your debts, and dress complete with makeup every morning all starting on January 1?

I’ve tried that too.  So far, it’s hasn’t worked for me.  I guess I try too hard to be a hare, and end up losing the race.

I’ve been doing a lot of study on the art of Kaizen (sorry about the sales letter, but it explains it for our purposes better than anything else I’ve found on the web!)

So this past year I’ve been researching and testing the most efficient habits for weight loss, fitness, and great mental, physical, and emotional health.  I’ve shared some of those discoveries here already.  I’ve also been constantly tweaking and improving my PraiseWalking Primer – a program that helps you take the “Tortoise View” of developing habits via the Kaizen method.  Every two weeks for eight weeks you get a specific area to focus on, and small, very doable habits to practice one at a time, so that at the end of eight weeks you’re creating great nutritional, fitness, and mental/spiritual health habits that last. I’ve now completely re-vamped this program to make it even easier and more comprehensive!

AND . . . I’ve been testing a weight loss program with my husband, and we’ve both had GREAT success with it, in spite of “life” interrupting us with coffee dates, dinner guests, celebrations, and other diet pitfalls.

SO . . . The long and short of all that is that I am releasing BOTH the diet plan AND the PraiseWalking Primer FOR FREE (yes, you heard that correctly – not a single penny!) and you can download both of them instantly by clicking the banner below.

So if you’re a tortoise, trying very unsuccessfully to be a hare, or if you’re a complete wash-out for your wellness resolutions, or if you’re simply tired of the roller coaster and want something stable that actually works and makes you feel GREAT, download your copy right now and get started!

No point in waiting until NEXT January to get it right, now, is there?

Happy walking!


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