Checking In – Week 4

Mar 02

Checking In – Week 4

So here are the results after 4 weeks on my diet plan . . .

I also lost an inch “all over” which brings my total inch loss to 8.25 inches.

Now let me tell you the amazing part: this has been a “bad week” for us. We’ve had some family crisis (not really serious, but serious enough to force us to not be working on anything else, if you know what I mean) I’ve had no fewer than 4 coffee dates (I told you this was unusual last week – it’s still unusual, and it’s happening again next week, but after that, it’s over!) a guest living in for 4 days, and a dinner guest again on Sunday. We literally “put the diet on hold” for the entire week. I did NOTHING from the plan.

However, in three weeks my stomach has shrunk so much that I just can’t consume anything like the same amount of food I could get away with before. Also, through the last three weeks I’ve been “training my eye” so I could make the right choices without stress. That’s all I’ve done this week – even when we had pizza (and I really could only eat one piece of my favourite kind . . .)

I’m buzzed. I’m pumped. I’m believing this is possible. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this year I WILL be a Total Loser – just watch me!

Oh, and by the way, I promised you I would “release” the plan I’m on. I’m hoping to have it all nicely packaged for you by the end of the week – I’m waiting for one “key ingredient” and then it’s all yours – of course, it will be free . . .


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