Fun Tools for Keeping Track – Part 1

Feb 13

Fun Tools for Keeping Track – Part 1

If you’re going to get in shape, it’s important to somehow keep track of what you’re doing and how you’re progressing.

Life is much more “mobile” than it used to be, and I find that I need something other than a notebook and pen, so I’m going to share some of the tools I’m using to keep track and keep me motivated.

Daily SessionsFirst off, let me tell you about a fun program you can put on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  It’s called “My Weight Loss Coach“.  Now this isn’t an app for serious workout logs, but it’s a fun game-type application where you can keep track of steps walked, food eaten, physical activity done, and it also has games, coaching, quick challenges, and some great motivation tools.  It will track your weight and BMI and it makes keeping track fun.

Every time you enter your results for any of the categories, you earn “miles” (or kilometers – whatever you prefer).  The miles “take you” to great places around the world.  So far I’ve climbed Mount Everest, walked a marathon, walked the distance of a Formula 1 race, walked the length of Cox’s Bazar Beach, walked the length of the Suez Canal, and the length of the Murraylink cable.  It’s fun to then look these Coaching Sessionthings up and find out more about these places.

Now, this is kind of a “fiddly” app.  You need to take a good few minutes to enter things in, so I usually log in every morning to get my challenges for the day, and then at the end of the day I log in my food and activity.  It’s also more of a “girly” app, with cute pictures and sound effects, so for you guys out there reading this, this would probably drive you nuts.

You can get a free version (My Weight Loss Coach Lite) but it won’t keep a running tally of what’s going on.  It’s worth spending the $4.99 to get the complete version.  Also, you’ll want to take a good hour or so to familiarize yourself with this before you start

using it.

Daily Challenges Food

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