The Spirit of Poverty

Feb 11

The Spirit of Poverty

Ok, first of all, for those who missed it due to my lack of organization and crazy hectic week, here are the results of my first week of diet/exercise with the  new plan I’ve developed:

Yep, this puppy has lost a total of 2.6 pounds, and 4.25 inches!  Woohoo!  Still going strong, still having fun.  I’m half way through week two, and the weight is still coming off, so so far, so good!

Ok, on to more important things.  I’ve had the enormous privilege of participating in a house church ministry over the past few weeks, led by Pastor Kerry George of New Life Valley Ministries

It’s been a stretch for me! Rarely do I go home thinking that I already know what she’s taught – and as someone who’s been going to church regularly for 47 years, done missions work, and done extensive self-directed study, that’s saying something, because in the house church I’m attending, we’re just covering povertythe basics for now, to get everyone on the same page. Usually I come home and have to ruminate on what was taught for quite a while before I can come to terms with things. It’s been fantastic!

Recently we had a workshop on “The Spirit of Poverty” led by Bill Axtell.   It REALLY challenged me, and as it seems to be a pervasive issue today in the church I thought I’d share some of his teaching.

Before I go on, understand that this is NOT “Prosperity Gospel” teaching. It’s just good, solid, Bible Teaching.

Let me begin with his introduction this morning:

Asking Yourself Questions

Webster’s Dictionary defines poverty as: dearth, scarcity or lack, lacking in money or possessions, inadequate.

Poverty is not limited to just financial or material things. You can be poor in any area of your life, spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially. You can be extremely rich and still be under the bondage of the spirit of poverty.

The spirit of poverty is the most insidious and powerful weapon Satan uses for holding beievers in bondage. He uses the spirit of poverty indiscriminately on believers and non-believers alike, worldwide. Today, although the entire world is under the bondage of the spirit of poverty, God wants believers to overcome it first in our own life before we take this victory to others!

If the enemy can keep you in bondage to the spirit of poverty, keep you in debt, physically and spiritually barren, then he is able to stop the flow of blessings in your life and keep you from being a blessing to others.”

Ok, that’s a little introduction to whet your whistle. Come back next Wednesday for the next installment which will talk about one of the root causes of the spirit of poverty.

Very cool stuff.


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