A Quickie Breakfast

Feb 04

A Quickie Breakfast

Well, the diet plan is working so far (4 days and counting).  Tom has lost 7 pounds and I’m down 3.  Feeling great, too.

I thought I’d share a cool blog post with you from one of my favourite blogs “The Four Hour Workweek”.  Tim Ferris (the author of the book by the same name which is definitely worth a read!) has one of the most fascinating blogs out there.  Every week is a new surprise.

Quick BreakfastA couple of weeks back I caught this post, and tried out his quickie breakfast.  It’s delicious, healthy, and really takes next to no time to prepare.  I’m still weighing the research on microwaves and nutrition, so I actually stir-fry my breakfast instead of nuking it.  It only takes about 5 minutes in total.

Take a look, and tell me what you think!

Beating the Morning Rush: The 3 Minute Slow-Carb Breakfast


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