Jan 30

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote. I’ve been asking God to help me go deeper with Him, and whew! He’s been answering. I’ve had to do some major, soul “housecleaning”- confessing of sins, recognition of strongholds, and the like. It’s been quite a journey, and we’re (obviously) not finished, but it’s been interesting and challenging, and I’ve seen God in a way I’ve never seen Him before – not sitting there with a big stick ready to whack me when I mess up, but coaching me to walk forward on rough ground, like a parent encouraging a child’s first steps. Kinda cool, really.

On the “fitness front” I got to play with a Wii Fit yesterday at a friend’s house. WHAT A BLAST! I was thinking it was going to be sort of hokey. I was amazed at the quality of fitness exercises, and the fun I had doing a 30 minute workout. There were tons of options for every fitness level, and as a competitive sort of person, I could see that I would have fun trying to reach and maintain the #1 place in the family graph! I thought it might be something I grew tired of quickly, but I’m thinking that with the variety of options, and the many different levels, along with the very encouraging coaching, I could see that this could become a family favourite.

What a cool way to get a bunch of computer junkies up and moving!


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