Dance Your Prayers

Dec 17

Dance Your Prayers

Last week I challenged you to get a hold of some written prayers to deepen your prayer life. I have a new challenge for you this week.

Ever think about the fact that God is the ultimate creative soul? All things creative and beautiful come from Him. And yet, the way we practice our faith is often dull and dry. Ever notice that?

DancerA few years ago I was challenged in this area when I attended the “Captivating” retreat in Colorado (ladies, this is a MUST!) At the end of the four days we were invited to come up onto the stage and dance to the worship music. Some of us were awkward and repetitive, others were beautiful and fluid, but it was a mind-blowing experience either way. My prayers and my worship took flight that day.

Returning home, I allowed my self to “stiffen up” again, but the discovery of the song “Pour My Love On You” by Philips, Craig and Dean revived that. I can hardly listen to the chorus without dancing.

I often listen to that song while walking, and when the chorus hits, I run, twirl, leap, and dance. It’s fantastic!

Let me challenge you to explore your more creative side in prayer. Move, draw, dance, sing, clap, shout, act, read, whatever. Just do something to get out of the rut and bring new life into those old patterns! If nothing else, it’s likely to burn a few of those extra calories that Christmas inevitably brings!

Is there something you like to do in prayer? A creative method that you have tried? Share it below!


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