Return of the Ancient Practices

Dec 05

Return of the Ancient Practices

I’m passionate about the “Ancient Practices” of the church. So much so that there was a time when I thought I might be happier if I were to give up my marriage and become a nun. Understand me, this had NOTHING to do with my husband (a Belfast Protestant, by the way. Things could have been awkward . . .) who is the joy and delight of my life.

It’s just that there’s something wonderfully appealing about those ancient practices.

Anyway, I continue to explore them, and apply what I can to a rather hectic life. It’s part of what I am working to achieve with PraiseWalking – ancient practices meet modern fitness.

Recently I came across this wonderful book by Brian McLaren called “Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices“. What a cool book.

Written with humour, compassion, openness, and great learning, this book introduces the importance of the ancient practices, and how they fit (or could fit) into our modern lifestyle. Brian explains the history and context of the “Threefold Way” and the importance of understanding Faith as a journey, not a destination or a set of rules. It’s about relationship, not dogma.

If you’ve never considered the ancient practices of the church, and are looking for ways of moving deeper into your Faith, this is a wonderful book to start with. It’s actually the opening book of a series called “The Ancient Practices Series” which I’m hoping to get all the way through (now, if the library would just get them in . . .)



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