Bored with God

Dec 03

Bored with God

Ever feel as if your Spiritual life was as dry as toast?  No life, not joy, no sense of anticipation?

I think it happens to the best of us.

Let’s take a closer look at how we develop our Spiritual life to see if we can find clues to why this might be so.

  • Do you begin every day with the same Spiritual routine?
  • Do your prayers sound the same day after day?
  • Do you hang out with people who are at different levels, spiritually, than you are?
  • Are you consistent and disciplined about building your Spiritual life?
  • Are you spontaneous and creative about growing Spiritually?

I find that building a relationship with God is much like building a relationship with my husband.  Let’s use tht as a basis when we talk about building a relationship with God.

  • There is something to be said for establishing good, healthy habits.  However, if my conversations and times alone with my husband always took place according to the very same pattern, our marriage would die.
  • If my husband and I always – and only – talked about the same things over and over, our marriage would die.
  • If I only hung out with people who’s marriage looked exactly like mine, our marriage would die
  • If I am not consistent about building good habits in my marriage, our marriage would die
  • If I am not able to be spontaneous and creative, our marriage would die.

See how that works?

Here are some suggestions for bringing some life into your Spirituality:

  1. Try something completely new.  If you always start with Bible reading, for example, try going for a prayer walk instead.  If you only read spiritual novels, read some good spiritual non-fiction, too!  You might even try simply reading scripture in a different translation – or even language, if you speak more than one.
  2. Read prayers written by other people to inspire you to pray along different lines.  Try praying the scriptures as you read the Bible, instead of just reading them.
  3. Find people who share your faith system and who are at different levels.  Work to affirm and encourage those who are “behind” you, on a more inexperienced road, and also find people who are “ahead” of you to mentor you along.
  4. Practice Spiritual Disciplines in order to gain solid foundation for when your own foundation is shaky (watch for my post on Friday for a book that talks about the role of Spiritual Disciplines in our daily life)
  5. Don’t ever get dogmatic and legalistic about the “how”.  Remember, it’s all about the “Who”.   Be constantly on the lookout for different ways to experience God.  Read classics, read biographies, talk to others to find out different ways to connect with and relate to God, join a study group.

Above all, get out of your rut.  It may be one you actually love, but remember, once the fire is lit again, you can always go back to what you did before, and by doing that you might find your earlier habits to be even more powerful, once you’ve “refreshed” them with different stimuli.

Share some of your own ideas in the comments below!  I’d love to hear what you have to say about this topic!


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