Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Nov 28

Jumpstart Your Metabolism

We’ve been dealing with breathing this week, and we’ve looked at it from a few different angles.

Today I want to introduce you to a very cool book that deals with breathing and weight loss, called “Jumpstart Your Metabolism: How To Lose Weight By Changing The Way You Breathe

First of all, the book is hilarious. Pam Grout has a great sense of fun and humour, and her book is a very easy read. She brings in some pretty amazing case studies and facts, like this one:

People discovered if they would bounce, jump, twist, and run until they were panting like a lap dog they could lose weight. But what they failed to realize was that it was the extra oxygen that really did the work. Sure, the extra muscles helped. Lean muscle burns through fat a whole lot faster than flab. But the bottom line to their success was they transformed their bodies from being fat producers to being energy producers. And it was the extra air – not the exercise – that did it” (page 67)

Cool, eh?

Here’s what she says on her website about the book:

Oxygen is the big kahuna!

Breathing is the key to warming and waking up your metabolism.
When you don’t give your body enough oxygen (and 90 percent of us don’t), your cells have no choice but to store fat.

It’s ironic that we count calories, tally fat grams and then completely ignore the amount of oxygen we consume. Yet, scientists have proved that by increasing the amount of oxygen per breath, the body can better burn hydrogen, the chief culprit of excess fat.

Oxygen is the key–will always be the key–that unlocks your metabolic rate.

Shedding unwanted pounds is as simple as learning to breathe differently

Permanent weight loss is not about counting calories or fat grams. It’s about changing the way your body burns fat. It’s about altering your cellular chemistry. If you follow the breathing exercises in this book, you can change your cellular structure at a very deep level. Which means you won’t ever have to worry about fat grams again.

So, there you have it. Go back to my earlier post on how to breathe, and get started. Better yet, get Pam’s book because she has 13 “energy cocktails” in there that will help you breathe better, and feel better all around.


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