Breathing God

Nov 26

Breathing God

There is a wonderful ancient practice called “Breath Prayer”.

My non-liturgical, “good-ol’ traditional Baptist” upbringing never introduced me to such a thing, but joining an Anglican Church in France when we lived there, opened my eyes to the beauty of liturgy, and started my journey down the path of memorized prayer.

Breath PrayerI’ll spend more time on the whole idea of memorized prayer in a later post, but for today, let’s look at this idea of “Breath Prayer”.

There is an excellent definition – and step-by-step description – of Breath Prayer on the “Heartlight” website.

It’s a wonderful way of praying when you’re anxious, feeling stressed, confused, or need to move from where you are to a deeper awareness of God’s presence.

Before you panic, this form of prayer should not replace extemporaneous (or spontaneous) prayer.  It is simply a tool to place in your prayer toolkit, and should be considered as a form of Christian Meditation.

Personally, I love to exercise breath prayer when I’m waiting in line, sitting at traffic lights, or doing housework.  It keeps my mind focused on God, drawing strength from Him, and keeping my heart at peace.  Breath prayer, for me, often leads to extemporaneous prayer, and deepens my prayer life.

For some ideas on ways to use breath prayer, and some suggestions of scripture that you can focus on,  see this site: Christian Soul Care


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  1. excellent article. I really enjoyed this piece. I like how you use it even while standing in line at the grocery store.

    I’m going to stumble this for ya and also include it in my own blog article about breath prayer


  2. admin /

    Thank you so much. I’m so glad you found it a blessing.

    Thanks, too, for the stumble!



  3. No problem.. I have been reading your material and I really enjoy the site. Its definitely in my list of bookmarks.



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