Halloween Freebie!

Oct 31

Halloween Freebie!

The truth is, I absolutely hate Halloween. Except for adorable little children in fluffy costumes, I don’t see that the holiday has a single redeeming feature. Blood, guts, decomposing bodies, horrifying monsters all decorating our kids and our streets, nasty kids out there wanting to create damage and havoc, and then weeks of sugar crashes. No siree. Not for me. I wish someone would ban it.

However, I don’t want to be a humbug, so to make up for my bad feelings about Halloween, I’m giving anyone and everyone a gift.

It’s taken a lot of hours of writing and research, not to mention years of trial and error, but it’s finally done! The PraiseWalker Primer is ready and available for anyone who wants to have a simple, stress-free, pain-free way to get physically, mentally, and spiritually fit.

PraiseWalker PrimerHere’s what it is:

  • It’s a 126- page, nicely illustrated, step-by-step program for people who neither have the time nor the energy to work on wellness
  • The program starts from total couch potato and eases you into a regular walking program over a period of 8 weeks
  • You get small steps, working on only one area at a time for a two week period so there’s no overwhelm
  • You get a specially designed journal that uses the latest research in accelerated learning to actually program your mind for success
  • You learn creative prayer techniques that you can eventually apply to your walking program
  • You master each of the pieces of PraiseWalking so you’re ready for level one which will train you to walk 5k
  • and there’s are some simple nutritional tricks and suggestions that will help you lose weight without being hungry.

Better than that, I giving it away. For Free. No strings attached.

For those of you wanting to join me in Florida in January 2010, this is your first step, and it starts on Monday, Nov 1 if you want to keep up with the whole program.

Get the e-book here:



Note:  Your information is safe with me.  I will never sell, rent, or share it with anyone for any purpose.

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Happy Halloween!


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