Who's Coming With Me?

Oct 29

Who's Coming With Me?

So, the marathon is behind me. A New Year is on the horizon, and I’m looking for a new challenge – you know me, can’t sit around on old laurels.

I decided that I need to do a new Marathon, to try and meet my original goals, now that I know what it’s REALLY like! I want something fun, though, and inspiring. So, here’s what I’ve picked:

WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon Weekend

Now, the info at that link is for the upcoming one this January – obviously WAY too soon. I’m going to do it a year from now. Yep, I’ve learned my lesson! Don’t train too quickly for a Marathon!

So, here’s my plan for SLOOOOOW but steady training:

From November 1 – December 31: I’m going to just get back to minimum basics in nutrition, active lifestyle, and creative prayer (which is a tool that got me through much of my Marathon!)

From January 1 – March 16: Improving on all of the above, I will begin more serious training culminating in the St. Patricks Day Run 2009, in Edmonton.  (note: Just so you get an idea of how slowly I’m training for this and the following events, note that most people can walk out their front door and do a 5k without training and without difficulty.  I am taking just under 3 months to train for it.  This means that this whole program – start to finish – is within anyone’s grasp.)

From March 23 – June 7: Still improving on basics, I will then train for a 10k walk on June 7. Don’t have a final choice yet (not all races are listed at this point) though there’s an interesting on on June 7 called the LSLBO Bird 5 K or 10K Fun Trail in Slave Lake, Alberta.

From June 8 – September 7: I will now increase my training to prepare for a half marathon. Not sure where, as I can’t find any listings yet for September.

From Sept 14 – January 4: I’ll train for the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon, and turn it into a cool family vacation afterwards, as a celebration.

The timing seems perfect, it keeps me in training all year with easier races to add smaller goals. It also means that I’m not outside for too long during the cold Alberta winters! I’ve done a LOT of research, and have put together a very slow moving plan that should get me to the final finish line without injury or overtraining. I hope. Not only have I prepared the plan, but I’m making the first part of it (November 1 – December 31 above) available to anyone who wants it. The other levels will follow as I complete them. More details will be available on Friday.

So, now the question is, who wants to train with me? (and yes, you can do it in your own hometown, too – just find the appropriate races, and join in!)

With hopeful anticipation,


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