What's cookin'?

Oct 24

What's cookin'?

I’ve got some stuff “on the burner” I wanted to share with you today.

As many of you know, it’s impossible for me to not teach. That’s why I blog! Anyway, I’ve talked with a lot of people about walking since I did my marathon – and even during my training – and as we talked about fitness and training and the “how to fit it into my life” or “how to do it in spite of small kids” stuff, other things also came up. Things like “I wish I had more time to myself”, or “I wish I had time for things like prayer and meditation, and study”, and “I wish it weren’t so hard to lose weight!”. Then of course, there’s the standard “I’m just so stressed!” Seems like we’re chronically short of the time we need to care for and nurture ourselves.

As I did my training, I realized that the time I spent on the road could be used to multi-task some of the nurturing I needed myself. I began to add different elements to my walking, and found that it was possible to go for a good walk and connect with God, do strength training as well as aerobic training, sort out my day, gain focus, get deeply relaxed, and come home totally centered and ready for whatever the day had to bring.

I’ve been working over the past few weeks to pull something together that shares these things I’ve discovered in my own walking, that’s also really comprehensive, non-stress, step-by-step, and totally doable for even busy people with small kids, that would bring this same sense of centeredness and well being on a mental, physical and spiritual level that I experienced in my training. This will be a course with four levels. The first one will be ready in about a week (I’m hoping to launch it November 1).

This first program will be a foundational one. It’s a program that teaches some of the fundamental things I’ve learned and been able to incorporate into my walking, like proper breathing, meditation, aerobic foundation, strength-training-on-the-go, and simple nutritional tricks that help with weight loss. This isn’t a program that will create huge change to start with, but it will put all the “building blocks” together so that the next course can help you acheive goals very quickly.

The first level will be 8 weeks long, and is so simple and easy to do that you will be able to do each step in spite of the fact that we’re coming into the most chaotic time of the year. You won’t be making huge changes to your schedule or your diet. Then, when January 1 comes and you look at your list of resolutions, like “lose weight, get fit, grow spiritually, get better organized” etc., you’ll have everything in place – including the right motivation – to achieve every one of those.

Don’t believe me? Well, part one will be offered for free so you can try it out.

Watch this page for news!


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