Savouring the Journey.

Oct 22

Savouring the Journey.

I am a driven, type-A, hyper-focused sort of person – you probably hadn’t guessed that yet! 🙂

As I prepared for the last marathon I was so focused on the goals of each individual session, that I forgot to savour the journey.  I didn’t hear birds sing, or spend much time admiring the scenery.  I usually listened to a morning devotional on my iPod, but often found that I had tuned out, to focus more on my walking form or speed.


I live life that way, too.  I end up spending so much time focused on where I’m heading, that I miss much of what’s along the way, living most of my life in the future.

Really dumb.

But I do learn (thankfully) and so as I embark on this next phase, I’m going to be spending a good deal of my time learning to live mindfully, to train mindfully, to spend time focused on the here and now, and what God is doing in, through, and around me.

I’m also learning – again and again – that God doesn’t speak in “sound bites” as much has he speaks in slow communion. If I’m going to hear God’ voice, I have to take time – good time – to listen, be with Him, read His word, ponder my life’s messages, and so on. Life with God doesn’t work well in the fast lane. I need to pull over and take time to breathe, listen with my heart, snuggle into His presence.

Jesus, slow me down!


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