Check out the Condo!

Oct 11

Check out the Condo!

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My Marathon Countdown – ONE DAY! It happens tomorrow!

I thought you might like to see the condo we’re staying in (Lake Okanagan Resort). it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The Living Room

This is our Living Room. Yep, that’s me just after my morning shower, checking in with the kids at home and getting my blog posted!

The Kitchen

Here’s the Kitchen (good thing Tom cooks!)

The Bedroom

Here’s the bedroom. That’s a towel folded in the shape of a swan. There are three bedrooms and 2.5 baths here. Totally cool.

View from Balcony

Here’s the view off the bedroom balcony. The marathon is over on the other side of the lake. We’re quite isolated here. Lovely!

Here’s my friend Joanne – we’ve known each other most of our lives. I’m not doing the math! – and she’s the reason I actually held in there and completed my training!


Her daughter Jaimey is actually running the 1/2 Marathon – Good for her!

Tom and Gord

Here are the patient, encouraging husbands – our personal cheer leading squad!

Gord, Joanne, and Jaimey leave on Monday, and Tom and I finish out the week here.


So, one more sleep, and WE’RE OFF!


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