Seeing God

Sep 24

My Marathon Countdown: 18 days

We’re back from our holidays. It was an incredible time, and a great chance to recharge, refocus, and reconnect. It was one of those rare holidays where I believe everyone got what they needed to get on with life now that we’re home.

For me, the biggest thing was seeing God. Let me explain.

We had all of the obvious pleasures – fun activities, lots of laughter, absolutely stunning scenery and the wonder of creation that goes with that, good conversation, safe travel, interesting discoveries, and good rest. God’s hand was in all of that, and I tried to make a point of acknowledging it.

However, it was other things that made me see the heart of God. Small things to most, but infinitely precious to me.

This marathon is an odd thing in my life. Totally out of character, but somehow a necessity for me. It was important to my heart and soul that I be somehow able to continue my training while we were away without causing frustration to my family. God understood, and showed me that in some special ways.

First of all, there was a beautiful walking path that started right at the end of the street we were on. It was long enough that I was able to do all my weekly mileage on it, while meandering through wetlands, gardens, and wilderness, along a beautiful little river. It met my mileage requirement and also fed my soul.

Then there were the shoes. A small thing, perhaps, but I really wanted the opportunity to see and really try those shoes without too much of a risk. At 50% off, I was able to do that with a clear conscience, and really enjoyed them.

There was also the fact that God woke me quietly every morning at 5:50 to give me the quiet time I needed to read, reflect, centre myself, and even poke on the computer, keeping up with my blog, without interfering with any family time. I was also able to get most of my walks finished before the family was ready to move into their day.

These are all tiny things, unimportant in the grand scale of eternity, but things that were important to me. They showed me a God who had things in hand not only for my needs, but also for my wants and desires. A God who “came through for me” in areas that are probably never going to affect eternity, but areas that would affect each day’s sense of peace, allowing me to give what needed to be given, because God saw that I recieved the things I needed to receive.

What an awesome God.

The only way I know how to respond to such love is in song. Jesus, this one’s for you:


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