Come, Walk With Me, Week 4

Sep 19

My Marathon Countdown: 23 days

Here we are in week four already! I’m sure that by now you’ve seen that ANYONE can keep up with this program. The results, as far as weight loss is concerned, are slow to start with, but starting this next month, you should begin to see some good changes.

1. Equipment Needs: Nothing new this week.

2. The Spiritual Challenge: As you walk this week, check in with God en route. Let what you see and experience talk to you about who God really is. Ask Him to speak to you as you walk.

3. Nutritional Focus: Water – yep, sorry, it’s still the focus. It’ one of the best things you can do for yourself! Your timer is already beeping/buzzing every hour. Now when it goes off, check both your posture, and drink about 5 mouthfuls of water. If you like other drinks (coffee, tea, pop, juice) drink an additional glass of water before each of those other drinks. Stay close to a bathroom! LOL! To avoid hyponatremia put a small pinch of raw, unrefined sea salt in each glass.

4. The Exercise Program: We’re going to concentrate on our “designated walking times” this week. You need to find a workable time, five days a week, to go for a 10 minute walk. Try to not take more than one day off in a row, or you will break the momentum. I’ve put a suggested walking plan below:

Training Exercise
Take a 10 minute walk today. Don’t worry about anything else, just walk. Try walking while listening to a couple of your favourite songs – head out on one, and return on the next.
Walk for 10 minutes today, and set your timer to beep once a minute. Each time it goes off, check your posture.
Take a 10 minute walk today, and pay attention to your surroundings. Try and experience it with all 5 senses.
Take today off, if you like, but try and get your daily steps to at least 1300.
Walk for 10 minutes today, and set your timer to beep once a minute. Each time it goes off, check your posture.
Walk for 10 minutes today and focus on nice, deep breaths as you walk. Try and use your abdomen to breathe.
Take today off, if you like, but try and keep your steps up to at least 1300

So that’s next week’s training plan. Try and find a friend to walk with – even if you walk at different times. Share your struggles, encourage each other, keep track of and celebrate your successes.

Post your results, struggles, triumphs and questions below!

Happy Walking!


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Every effort has been made to make these programs as complete and as accurate as possible up to the date of publication. However, there may be mistakes, both typographical and in content.

Therefore, these plans and suggestions should be used only as a general guide and not as the ultimate source of information about personal growth, nutrition, exercise, work and life balance, nor physical, emotional, mental, social, relationship and spiritual wellness.

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  1. Shayoc3 /

    I was looking on this website and realized, this will be great to help keep me motivated to walk daily. I thank you for this website. Praise God!!! It will also help me spiritually.


  2. Hey, Sharon,

    Thanks so much for this comment. I’m glad you think this will be helpful to you. Remember to share any questions, comments or concerns you have. I’d like to make this as user-friendly as possible and am wide open to critique and ideas.

    Enjoy your walking!



  3. sherill83 /

    OK; I’ve just read all your posts, now I’ll check out your categories.
    You have a nice site here; lots to think about.
    I’m going to check at my library for that “Epic” book.
    Best wishes on your upcoming marathon.


  4. sherill83 /

    I’ve done some writing, per your journaling instructions: I’ve written way more about my spiritual life than my physical. Also, I’m re-reading my underlinings in Charles Stanley’s The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life.
    Keeping on.


  5. Great to hear, Sherill. I’ll have to check out that book – it sounds very interesting!



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