Walking out my praise . . .

Sep 17

As I write this, I’m in Steamboat Springs Colorado, on a family vacation that’s turning out to be “Just what the doctor ordered”.

Monday’s  post was a little on the down side as I was writing them while being frustrated with pain and injury.

Monday itself was completely different.

I’ve had a bad run of luck with injury.  First the sciatica, then while packing, I managed to badly scrape my left hand on some velcro (that stuff can be NASTY!) opening scrapes all down the back of my hand.  Sunday, while thoroughly enjoying the Alpine Slide with my family I managed to slam my hand in the joint of the safety bar on the chair lift going back up the hill.  I pinched it pretty hard, and it still hurts to type.  Tuesday night I had a terrible migraine, probably due to mild sun-stroke as I spent the day outside without a hat or sufficient water.  Stupid.

Monday morning (last Monday as you read this) I woke up early without the aid of an alarm clock (6:30 am), got up and did some meaningful quiet time with God, and then headed out for my first training walk in over 2 weeks.  14k.  I managed to get onto a beautiful bike path that meanders along a river, some ponds, and along the back of a botanical garden, all beautifully shaded and full of wildlife (just the small, cute stuff).  Instead of pushing too hard into training, I decided to just walk.  I put on a “shuffle” list of worship songs, set up my Nike+iPod, and headed off.

While walking I was overwhelmed by the beauty around me in combination of my favourite praise music, and I found myself feeling as if I were almost flying.  At different points along the route I actually burst out singing – which was probably awful, as I was moving reasonably fast, and had earphones in – poor neighbors! – I was so full of joy.

Joy of being back in health, joy of movement, joy of the beauty around me (Steamboat Springs is quite pretty – a little like Banff Springs, but not quite so spectacular), joy of hanging out with my family with no pressures or time lines.  Joy in what God had brought to me even in the pain of the past two weeks of recovery.

God is good.  Even in the dark. It’s wonderful to be free to celebrate Him out loud, to walk out my praise in the midst of His beauty.



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  1. Thank you, your praise to God was just what


  2. Thanks for your comment, Vicki. It’s always an encouragement when someone leaves a comment! I feel heard. I’m so glad I was able to encourage you!

    Have a wonderful day!



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