Waiting . . .

Sep 15

Waiting . . .

Marathon Countdown: 28 days

After months of training, massive research, and now a rapidly approaching race date, I find myself “out of action” with the onset of Sciatica in my left leg. I’m technically supposed to be in my most intense training week before the race, and I find myself sitting on the couch.


My natural desire is to ignore it, and keep on going – I mean, I’ve put a lot of energy and time into this race, and I don’t want to have to not complete it because of a stupid injury. I’m angry. Frustrated. Impatient. Discouraged. Getting Desperate.

My wisdom says “wait”. There’s something to be learned here. Something needs correction. Something is out of alignment. I need wisdom greater than my own, and I need to tackle this calmly and patiently.

I’m afraid I’m not very good at this. I really just want to fight, push through, and win anyways.

I hate weakness. I wonder what that says about me?


PS I Wrote this last week as I prepared everything for going away.  The good news is that God in His mercy gave wisdom to a highly skilled Chiropractor who, with the most painful adjustment I’ve ever endured, corrected the problem.  This morning I go walking for the first time in two weeks.  Yahoo!

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