Come, Walk With Me – Week 3

Sep 11

(This is going out a little early, as our Internet is being shut off in preparation for our trip. Enjoy!)

I hope you had a great week trying out some of the challenges I’ve been listing. Did you manage any or all of the training steps? Post your reaction below, and share with us your trials and triumphs. I would love to hear from you!

We’ve worked through two weeks so far, and I hope it’s been easy to fit these suggestions into your day and create new habits. Let’s look ahead to week number 3. Remember these assignments all start on Monday so you have the weekend to get yourself “kitted out” and “psyched up”:

1. Equipment Needs: Nothing new this week.

2. The Spiritual Challenge: Keep working through “The Epic“, but look for ways where you can sense God’s presence in the things you take great joy in. See my post on Joy if you don’t understand what I mean!

3. Nutritional Focus: Water – yep still working on it! This is a MAJOR KEY to your overall health. This week drink a glass of water while you prepare your daily meals/snacks, in addition to the water you drink in the morning.

If all this water is discouraging you, take time to explore this site

4. The Exercise Program: We’re going to continue to increase our daily steps and focus on posture, and this week we’re going to add some “designated walking times”, which means we are going to start actually going for short walks. We will have trouble increasing our steps much more without them

Training Exercise
Achieve 1200 steps per day by adding Marching Minutes – every 60 minutes (you know, when that timer beeps/buzzes?) get up from your desk or easy chair and do 1 minute of walking in place and stretching your arms, shoulders and neck.

Achieve 1200 steps per day by putting on some lively music while you clean your house and dance while you’re dusting!
Achieve 1200 steps per day by taking a walking break instead of a coffee break – encourage your co-workers to do the same!
Achieve 1200 steps per day by listening to a great podcast or some worship music, and walking while listening.
Achieve 1200 steps per day by taking a very short walk after dinner.
Achieve 1200 steps per day by walking to the end of your driveway and back while waiting for your coffee pot to finish making coffee in the morning.
Achieve 1200 steps per day by taking someone’s dog for a walk – or even someone’s kids!

So that’s next week’s training plan. If you’ve done even some of it so far, please reward yourself with something special – a new book, some great walking music, cool socks for your walking times, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Try to not make it food-related as that can cause problems we don’t want to have to fix!

Post your results, struggles, triumphs and questions below!

Happy Walking!


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Therefore, these plans and suggestions should be used only as a general guide and not as the ultimate source of information about personal growth, nutrition, exercise, work and life balance, nor physical, emotional, mental, social, relationship and spiritual wellness.

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