Remember the Joy

Sep 10

Remember the Joy

“Instead of asking yourself what the world needs,
ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and then go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~Howard Thurman~

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”
~John Piper~

‘Gloria Dei vivens homo.’
The glory of God is man who is alive.
~Fr. Giussani~

As Christians we tend to get stuck in duty, busy-ness, and struggle. We forget the joy.

The truth is, God wants us to live the deepest desires of our hearts, and find joy in serving Him from that place.

In his book “The River Within“, Jeff Imbach makes this suggestion:

As we become familiar with the truth that we are held in love, we can pay attention to the ways in which God’s life might already be coming to us. One way of doing this is to think about what it is we look forward to – something that brings us great anticipation or joy.

A game of squash? If so, then feel the goodness of God in the lightning speed of a smash and countersmash. Think of it like Eric Liddell in the movie Chariots of Fire when he spoke of feeling God’s pleasure when he ran.

Perhaps for you the anticipated moment is a few minutes lone by the window, or coffee with a friend. Allow these times to be sacred. Relax and attend to the goodness of God’s life inside you. Allow God into theose moments, and above all, let God welcome you into those moments as well.

Try that on for size when you’re feeling like your faith is drudgery. Share what you discover in the comments below.

Happy walking!

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