A bit of a giggle . . .

Sep 08

A bit of a giggle . . .

I tend to attack things with a passion. I get pretty serious about my training.

Thankfully, God has a sense of humour.

A while back I got dressed for my walk – t-shirt, sweats, socks, shoes, etc. Then I started adding the “gear”: timer, iPod with the Nike attachment, pedometer, rosary, rosary prayer book, etc.(not that these all clip to my waistband or go in my pockets), and headed out.

Happy CatThe first couple of kilometers were, for some strange reason, fine. When I got a good distance from home I realized that the sweat pants I was wearing were a couple of sizes too large. They kept slipping down.

I spent the walk trying to see about attaching my gear in such a way as to keep my pants from falling down – attaching my sweats to my underwear only pulled them both down, attaching my sweats to my t-shirt made my timer pop off, etc.

I got pretty frustrated, wanting to complete my 16k as required, but before frustration turned to anger, I thought about what this must look like to anyone who might somehow be aware of what’s going on, and I started to laugh.

God loves to nudge me with a sense of my own ridiculousness. It’s so good for me to laugh at myself.

However, I have since retired those sweat pants from future walks!

Happy walking ( and remember to have fun and wear pants that fit!)


Cat photo by John Nettleship, used with permission

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