Come, walk with me, week 2

Sep 05

Well, how did you do this week? Did you manage any or all of the training steps? Post your reaction below, and share with us your trials and triumphs. Let’s spur each other on to greater things!

Week one is behind us, so let’s look ahead to week 2. Remember these assignments all start on Monday so you have the weekend to get yourself “kitted out” and “psyched up”:

1. Equipment Needs: See last week for basic equipment, and this week add a timer, either a watch that beeps on the hour, or some other kind of timer.

2. The Spiritual Challenge: The big key with spiritual growth is making sure you’re on the right track in the first place. I love this quote by John Eldredge:

Life, for most of us, feels like a movie we’ve arrived to forty minutes late.

Sure, good things happen, sometimes beautiful things. But tragic things happen, too. What does
it mean? We find ourselves in the middle of a story that is sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful, usually a confusing mixture of both, and we haven’t a clue how to make sense of it all.
No wonder we keep losing heart.

We need to know the rest of the story.

For when we were born, we were born into the midst of a great story begun before the dawn of time. A story of adventure, of risk and loss, heroism, …and betrayal. A story where good is warring against evil, danger lurks around every corner, and glorious deeds wait to be done. Think of all those stories you’ve ever loved – there’s a reason they stirred your heart. They’ve been trying to tell you about the true Epic ever since you were young.

There is a Larger Story. And you have a crucial role to play.

That’s what our Spiritual walk is all about. Understanding the Larger Story and what our role is, in it. John’s book “The Epic” is the best book I’ve ever read on that story. Your Spiritual homework this week is to read it, listen to it, or watch it. It’s a pretty small book, but it will be hard to put down, I promise, and it will probably change the way you see everything.

3. Nutritional Focus: Water

  • Now fill your water bottle up full. In the morning drink half before you get out of bed, and drink the other half before you leave your bedroom, to get ready for the day.

4. The Exercise Program: We’re going to continue to increase our daily steps, but this week we’re going to put our focus on our posture, as well.

Training Exercise
Achieve 1100 steps per day using the furthest entrance into your workplace from your parking spot or bus stop, and walk through the building to your work area.
Posture: Head and neck. Check out this video for a great tip for keeping correct head/neck posture. Set your timer to beep every hour, and when it beeps, check your head/neck posture.
Achieve 1100 steps per day by pacing when you wait on hold, for the bus, for your kids after school, at the doctor’s office.
Posture: Relaxed Shoulders. Do these exercises every hour to relax the shoulders
Achieve 1100 steps per day by getting up and walking during commercials on TV, or during the previews and trailers on DVD’s.
Posture: Pelvic Alignment. Here’s a great article (sorry the print is REALLY small) that shows correct pelvic alignment
Achieve 1100 steps per day by not going to the drive through window, but actually parking, and walking to the store/restaurant/ or bank.
Posture: Feet. Make sure when you’re standing that your feet point directly ahead, in parallel lines, not turned out.
Achieve 1100 steps per day by not sending your kids to go do something/get something – do it or get it yourself.
Posture: Overall Posture. When your timer goes off now, do a quick check through your whole body to make sure you’re aligned properly and your posture is correct. Use this article to help you focus.
Achieve 1100 steps per day by walking to find the person you want to talk to instead of hollering at them through the house, or e-mailing a co-worker
Posture: Overall Posture. As before, when your timer goes off now, do a quick check through your whole body to make sure you’re aligned properly and your posture is correct.
Achieve 1100 steps per day by getting up from your chair/desk every hour and walking at least 10 steps out and 10 steps back.
Posture: Overall Posture. As before, when your timer goes off now, do a quick check through your whole body to make sure you’re aligned properly and your posture is correct.

And there you have it – very manageable tasks for each day of next week. Get your equipment together over the weekend, and off you go!

Post your results, struggles, triumphs and questions below!

Happy Walking!


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