Perfect Posture

Sep 01

Well, I’m a little late on the draw with this today – sorry. That’s what happens when you get a holiday Monday!

I want to talk a bit about posture today. I learned young, through my work on the stage, that great posture also meant great “personal energy”. If you walk onto a stage with excellent posture, you created a kind of energy that drew people’s attention to you even before you opened your mouth. Having great posture seems to create a kind of inner confidence, and is instantly attractive to other people. Try that on by setting excellent posture, smiling, and entering a room – see how people react. You might be greatly surprised!

I suffer from some pretty severe neck pain when I sit too long at the computer, or stand too long. I also get bad lower back pain from standing. I’ve noticed, however, that since I started working on my walking posture, those painful episodes have all but disappeared.

To walk well and efficiently, you need to have great posture or you “get in your own way”. Most of the time for us modern folk, that means learning to stand all over again. I’ve got two resources here to help you do that:

  • The first resource is an article that will walk you through each posture correction. You can get that article here: Tips for Perfect Posture
  • The second resource is a YouTube video where you get some good teaching and demonstration, as it’s not always easy to understand what you’re doing from the written page. Take a look here:

Now, when you’re sitting at your desk or trying to get your 1,000 steps in, think about your posture. See how good posture makes you feel, both physically and emotionally. Share your results below in the “comments” section.

Happy walking!


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