Training vs. Trying: Part 1

Aug 25

Apparently it’s possible to complete a walking marathon with no training whatsoever, if you’re even moderately fit. The question is not so much that you complete it, it’s what kind of shape you’re in when you’re done.

Walking a marathon with no training will probably cause serious blisters, chafing, seized-up muscles, dehydration, possibly serious injury, and the inability to move with any level of grace for about a week afterward.

The purpose of training is to make sure all the kinks are worked out before the day of the race. You learn about pace, clothing, shoes, posture, nutrition, water, energy – all those important things you need to keep you going strong when “rubber hits the road”, literally. It’s about trying, tweaking, observing, learning, growing, and getting strong – stronger than you’ve ever been in your life. And it’s about finishing with strength, dignity, and enthusiasm!

Many people “try” fitness and nutrition. They wake up January 2, head to the gym and work out for two hours on equipment they’ve never seen before, working up a great sweat, and then they come home and eat lettuce all day. By day three they’re sore, angry, tired, overwhelmed, starving, and eating Ben and Gerry’s with a spoon.

Training takes into consideration who I am, what my lifestyle is, what my personality quirks are, where I am at now, and – hopefully – some good advice from a doctor or fitness professional. With all of that in hand, a training program is set in place that is manageable, enjoyable, and effective. It goes slowly, creating habits instead of hang-ups, and moves you incrementally towards your goal.

The result is fitness, strength, enthusiasm, discipline, and joy. Even the sore muscles or occasional blister don’t deter you from your goals, because they are on a much more manageable scale, and become the wounds of victory, not defeat.

So, stop trying to be fit, and get some good training under your belt! You’ll love the results. Check my “Great Resources“, “Great Books“, and “Links” pages and get inspired!

Happy Walking!


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