Timed Spirituality

Aug 22

Timed Spirituality

I’m a sucker for gadgets. Anything that helps me move forward is a friend. Today’s tool is no different.

I have a total ADD brain. I can’t think a whole thought to the end without being distracted at least twice. I’m one of those people who – with a lot of help – gets through quiet time, and before I get out the bedroom door I’ve already worked through 12 tangents and have completely forgotten about God altogether.

I’m a sad case, really.

A couple of years ago, while researching ADD and how to live with it, I discovered today’s cool little tool, and it’s helped me keep track of myself spiritually.

You see, once upon a time something called a “prayer clock” was popular. It was a clock that chimed every hour as a call to prayer. I was intrigued by that thought.

Invisible ClockHaving read that, I tried to set my watch alarm to beep every hour, but I soon stopped hearing it. So I then set an alarm to go off every hour, but that got really bothersome in meetings and other gatherings. Thus the discovery of this little gadget has made a real difference. It’s a timer that either beeps or vibrates, and there are about 3 million ways you can set it up. It can happily buzz all day, and no one but me notices it.

So, here’s what I do. I set it to buzz every hour. When it buzzes I turn my thoughts toward God. It’s that simple. Sometimes I choose a prayer that I recite every hour. Sometimes I just ask God what He wants to say. Sometimes I just tune in to His presence. Sometimes I take time to praise Him.

Yeah, sometimes I just ignore it. I do try, however, to make the effort to do some kind of tuning in every time it goes off.

Sounds crazy, I know, but with a brain like mine, I need all the help I can get! LOL 🙂

Keep buzzing!


PS – want to read a rather funny account of someone else’s prayer clock? Click here

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