Put one foot in front of the other

Aug 20

So, hopefully you have your cool little pedometer. Now you just need to get out and walk! Here’s a fun bit of motivation – though perhaps a little “off-season”!

That should put a bit of a spring in your step! LOL!

I would recommend just working this week on “getting more active”. No need to try to schedule a regular 10k walk into your life just yet.  Remember, this first week is mostly about awareness!

Here are some links with great ideas for increasing the number of steps you walk each day without having to schedule a walk into what is already – no doubt – a very full day:

  1. Twenty Simple Ways To Increase Your Exercise As Part Of Your Daily Routine
  2. How to Increase Your Step Count to 10,000 Steps per Day
  3. The 10,000 steps challenge

And to add a whole new dimension to the challenge, look up “Walking With Attitude” and for a small fee you can pick a “steps challenge” from the list. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to walk across Egypt, or tour London from your own front porch. VERY cool stuff!

Happy Stepping!


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