Meet Your New Friend

Aug 19

Meet Your New Friend

How’s the journaling coming? Do you know where you are yet?

Today I want to introduce you to a new friend. This tool will help you create awareness for physical movement. Who is it? Your friendly pedometer!

This little guy clips on to your waistband and counts your steps. According to Health Canada you need to aim for 10,000 (about 5 miles or 8 km) steps a day. If you have a sedentary job and spend your evenings watching TV you might be taking around 2500 steps. An active lifestyle will net you around 5000. To reach the 10,000 mark you will have to actually do some scheduled walks.

My suggestion to you for getting started would be to simply clip it on, spend three days trying to ignore it to get a “base reading” for your current average steps a day, and then start looking for ways to move. I’ll share some ideas in a later post.

Here’s an article on what to consider before you buy a pedometer

Want to know which pedometers are best? Click here.

Want to know what I have? Check it out here

Try and get yourself set up with one this week, and next week I’ll show you how to carefully increase your steps to get the best workout for the least amount of pain and suffering! 🙂


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